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Rectory Farm, Northmoor
Oxfordshire OX29 5SX
United Kingdom

Farm Update - 8th May 2017

Northmoor Meat Company news & blog: news from our family beef farm in Oxfordshire



Farm Update - 8th May 2017

James Florey


The clocks have sprung forward and we have entered the month of May, but sadly the warm spring weather seems like a distant memory! Down on the farm Robert and James remain busy as they prepare for the cattle to be turned out in to the fields. Fences are being checked and repaired to ensure there are no escapees, and fields are being checked to make sure there is enough grass to nourish the cattle. Grass growth has been a bit slow due to the lack of rain … yep, a farmer is never happy with the weather! It really is a beautiful sight seeing the cattle being moved in to the fields – they love to frolic and play in their new environment so keep your eyes peeled in the fields around Northmoor if you’re lucky enough to live locally.

Calving is now coming to an end, with only 4 calves left to be born. There has been an abundance of girls this year – there must be something in the air! Most of the bull calves have now been castrated, apart from 4 who will be kept entire to be sold to other farms as breeding stock in the next couple of years. The bulls are castrated not only to make them easier to manage, but also as bull beef can be a little tough. Obviously we always do all we can to ensure we produce the tastiest, most tender beef which can be ordered direct through our website here.


On the arable front the crops are growing well, although they could do with a good drink (yes, we are all doing a rain dance)! The second dose of fertiliser is due to be applied this week, to encourage growth and tillering. Micro-nutrients will also be applied to help the crop perform to their optimum – much like us taking a multi-vitamin.

Witney Food and Drink Festival

We are really excited to be attending Witney Food and Drink Festival again this year. It is a fantastic festival show casing the best of West Oxfordshire’s finest produce – from cider, to pies, to cheese, to chutney, to chocolates and more – there really is everything you could wish for! If you’re a keen foodie and live in Oxfordshire we’d really recommend you make a visit, do make sure you come and say hello to us. We’ll be there selling fresh beef as well as giving away delicious tasters! Saturday 20th May, St Mary’s Church and Church Green, Witney.