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Rectory Farm, Northmoor
Oxfordshire OX29 5SX
United Kingdom

Recipe of the Month

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Recipe of the Month

James Florey

The Galloway Goulash

A tasty, no hassle, slow cooker special shared with us by one of our loyal customers, Keely Galloway … Enjoy in front of the fire with a glass of your favourite red, or together with the family after a long day at work … Or both!

Descried by Keely as ‘the MOST delicious goulash’ – Enjoy!

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Goulash Ingredients

1 pack of Northmoor Meat Company Braising Steak, cut in to chunks

1 onion – sliced

2 Carrots – cut in to chunks

1 cup of mushrooms

A Handful of small potatoes/potato chunks



A good squeeze of Tomato Puree

A couple of dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

450mls of Beef Stock

Dumpling Ingredients

125g Self Raising Flour

60g Suet

100mls Water

A sprinkle of your favourite fresh or dried herbs


Chuck all of the Goulash ingredients in to the slow cooker, stir and cook all day on low. Make sure there is enough liquid – add more stock if needed.

An hour or so before serving, make the dumplings by mixing all the ingredients. Roll in to balls and dollop on top of the goulash. Turn the slow cooker up to high.

Serve with pickles and enjoy!!!