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Rectory Farm, Northmoor
Oxfordshire OX29 5SX
United Kingdom

Farm Update - June 2016

Northmoor Meat Company news & blog: news from our family beef farm in Oxfordshire



Farm Update - June 2016

James Florey

Beef Availability

This month we will have a change of day for beef collection with orders being ready for collection on Friday 17th June rather than Sunday. All deliveries will be made on Saturday 18th June. Have a look at our online shop to see the different products we have available including our Oxford, Witney and Burford Boxes or why not create your own pick and mix box from our wide selection of different cuts including steaks, joints, burgers and beef sausages.


The cattle are now all out and grazing the fields in and around Northmoor. They have really enjoyed having some sun on their backs over the past few days and look fantastic with their deep red coats gleaming as they wander through the lush green grass. We have three lots of cows and calves in different fields with a bull running with each group. Our new bull, Stonegrove Rocket has arrived and is settling in well. We had a slight worry with Jethro, one of our other bulls, who went lame shortly before he was due to be put out with the cows. Thankfully after a few days rest in the shed he was fully fit again.


The grass has grown really well over the past few weeks meaning we have been able to get some cut and make it into silage. Once the grass is cut it is spread out on the ground and left to wilt and dry out for a day or two. It is then raked into rows and bailed into round bales before being wrapped in black plastic. By wrapping the bales in plastic it means the grass ferments and produces a rich cattle food known as silage. This will then be fed to the cattle during the winter months whilst they are in the sheds. Feeding them silage means the cattle are fed on grass all year round which gives us as consumers many health benefits. Click here for more details.


All our crops are planted and are growing well in the warm weather. The wheat and barley have had their second fertiliser application and are looking good. The rain a couple of weeks ago meant that some of the barley sat in water for a couple days which it didn't like much. Some of these plants went quite yellow in colour but now seem to be recovering well. The barley we grow is a a specialist variety called Explorer which we grow exclusively for Budweiser. Although a big company it has been nice to being involved with growing barley for Budweiser as they source their grain from just a handful of farms to produce all of the beer they brew in this country.